Deep Learning Workshop

3-5 May 2017

Deep learning is a fast-growing field of machine learning concerned with the study and design of computer algorithms for learning good representations of data, at multiple levels of abstraction. There has been rapid progress in this area in recent years, both in terms of methods and in terms of applications, which are attracting the major IT companies as well as major research labs. Many challenges remain, however, in aspects like large sample complexity of deep learning approaches, generative modeling, learning representations for reinforcement learning and symbolic reasoning, modeling of temporal data with long-term dependencies, efficient Bayesian inference for deep learning and multi-modal data and models.

This workshop is the best way to have up to date information and get involved in deep learning in a practical way.

2017 edition was a great succes thanks to a large attendance and quality speakers !

2017 Speakers

Kévin El Haddad – Teaching Assistant, PhD student, Numediart Institute, UMONS. E-mail:

Mohamed Amine Larhmam – Teaching & Research Assistant, PhD, Infortech Institute, UMONS. E-mail:

Marc Decombas – Post Doctoral Fellow, Numediart Institute, UMONS. E-mail:

 Jean-Benoit Delbrouck – PhD Student, Numediart Institute, UMONS. E-mail: